Monday, August 25, 2014

Command Centre

Its that time of year again. Back to school.
Its a time filled with mixed emotions, excitement and anxiety. But mostly for me its a time to reorganize after a summer of fun.
This year I set up a "Command Centre".
Want your own Command Centre?
Start off with a wall with a lot of space that is in a room in your house that you will be in every day. I picked my kitchen.

Next you will need a calendar. I LOVE the Ultimate Mom Calendar. Its all sorts of awesome.

Bonus, lots of stickers! Which the kids totally love to use when I am planning out the month ahead.

Next I find a white board/ cork board / chalk board works wonders.
Or if you are like me, all 3.

I found this beauty of a chalk board while out on a drive with my hubby at some handmade store we passed by. I'm in love with it.

( I love the message the kids put on it).

Put all these pieces together, and Ta-Da! A Command Centre for the school year!

The chalk board is used for meal lists, and to-do lists for mom and dad and to hold mail.
Calendar is for the family.
The cork board and white board at the end is for the boys. Reminders for school, pin up paper work and such.

Now to stay on top of the school year and all the kids projects, deadlines and appointments!


Tuesday, August 12, 2014

The Days Ran Away From Me

I had plans, oh so many plans, carefully planned out the day perfectly.
I knew exactly what I wanted to get done. I knew exactly what I thought had to get done.
But it happened again, and again, and again...
I don't know how it happened.
The day ran away from me again.
The minutes turned to hours, hours into days, days to weeks.
Did I get anything done I wanted to? Nope.
Summer is almost over. My to-do list, despite my best efforts of planning, has been left untouched.
The house is a bit of a mess. Half done projects scattered around the house. My sewing machine left untouched. My blog has started to collect cobwebs.
But do you want to know what has happened?
I lived in the moment. So much in the moment that I don't even have pictures to show for it.
I lived life. I enjoyed the sunshine. I laughed with the kids. I created memories with the kids. I went with the flow. I let life happen and enjoyed the ride. I forgot about what I thought had to get done, and enjoyed what truly mattered: my kids.
We have gone on road trips, we have explored, we learned new things, saw new places, created lifelong memories and grew closer as a family.
My to-do list grew, but so did my list of memories.

This summer has really taught me that what I think needs to get done isn't always what my family needs to get done.
Even the most perfectly planned days don't mean a thing without love, some laughter and fun thrown in there.

Now back to enjoy the rest of the summer....

~ Michelle

Friday, August 1, 2014

31 Days Of Bliss

The end of July marked the end of the BlissDom Canada July Photo Challenge.
BlissDom Canada Photo Challenge
Its was a fun month, filled with amazing photos, and a great time "meeting" new people on Twitter and Instagram.

In case you aren't following along on Twitter or Instagram (which you totally should be!), here is a review of my photos for the month.

Day 1 Canada

Baby Girl in her new onesie on her first Canada Day! 
Day 2 Shoes

My Wedding Shoes! 
Day 3 You

ME! Back when I was about 3 years old. Wasn't I just the cutest?
Day 4 Happy

My Happy. 1st picture- out for a walk with the kids, 2nd picture- the beach (would prefer the ocean, but I will take the lake) 3 picture - Harry Potter Books! Reading. Reading with my kids. 4th picture- Kenya. Beautiful Kenya.
Day 5 Shiny

The Boys rock collection.

Day 6 Unusual

Nothing Unusual about this, my little man still loves to hold my hand when we are out. Love it. 

Day 7 Skyline

The skyline of Toronto. The view from my hotel room at BlissDom Canada 2013
Day 8 New

Baby Girl has a new onesie to wear. 
Day 9 Grass 

Picture of the Grass, and trees while out on a walk with the kids.

Day 10 Distraction

The Scale. I will not allow this to become a distraction or obsession!
Day 11 Strength 

My little man showing off his strength and running the field after dinner.
Day 12 Specialty

My Specialty according to the boys, being able to make their baby sister stop crying and put her to sleep.

Day 13 Cheer 

These 3 always brighten my day and cheer me up. Love them.

Day 14 Coffee

Love when Hubby surprises me with Tim Hortons.

Day 15 Bliss

This is my bliss. My kids. Outside. Having fun. 

Day 16 Workplace

My workplace is wherever I may be. Sometimes its on the floor. Whatever works.
Day 17 Sleepy

My Sleepy Dog didn't like it when I woke her up trying to take her picture.
Day 18 Love

Part 1. I Love the way she holds her hands when she sleeps.

Part 2. I love these boys and their imaginations. What started as a game of Checkers turned into something completely different. 

Day 19 Clean 

Had to take a picture to prove that it actually happened, a clean toy room!
Day 20 Bright 

After a rainy start to the day, the sun is finally coming out and shining bright.

Day 21 Crunchy

Crunchy snack whiteout for a walk with the kids.

Day 22 Bold

Picture I found on Pinterest a while ago.
Day 23 Fun
Baby Girl Having Fun playing with her brothers.
Day 24 Red

RED! This is from BlissDom Canada 2013! (Yes of course I kept it!)
Day 25 Opportunity 

When the Opportunity presented itself to watch some machines, we of course took the time to watch.

Day 26 Dessert 

Perfect way to end a hot busy day, dessert at Dairy Queen! 
Day 27 White

The day I waved the White flag on my to-do list and hit the open road with the family instead!
Day 28 Relaxation 

My idea of relaxation: rainy day, cuddles with my kids, and reading with them. Bonus that we are reading Harry Potter.

Day 29 Cold 

Who wants a cold one?  Finally found Tusker Beer in Canada! Love that I found Kenyan beer here! And to make it extra cold, its surrounded in snow. 

Day 30 Book

I would be lost with out this book! And late, or flat out forget about a lot of appointments!
Day 31 Proud 

So proud of my kids! Love them. And especially love this picture, and so proud of it. All 4 of my kids together.  What a special photo this is to me. 

Thanks to BlissDom Canada for the awesome photo challenge! It was a lot of fun! 

Hope you all enjoyed the pictures as much as I enjoyed taking them!


Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Wordless Wednesday: Canada Day 2014

Yesterday was Canada Day.
A special Canada Day as it was Baby Girl's first one!
It was a relaxing family day. Went for a walk. Spent time together. Had a nap (that was awesome!). Went out. And of course showed our pride by wearing our Canada shirts.
Here is a picture of the kids shirts.

What did you wear for Canada Day?


Monday, June 23, 2014

Mombie or better known as Zombie Mom

The joys of having a baby and two older kids, is that whether you like it or not you are always tired.
Some days I admit, I count down till bed time.

And this is what happens.

Put the boys to bed. Tuck them in. Say good night. Give hugs and kisses.
Sit down with baby.
Send boys back to bed.
Feed baby girl.
Send boys back to bed (probably after giving them a snack or drink at this point)
Attempt to get something done.
Answer some last minute question one of the boys has. And send them back to bed. (Seriously, are you freaking kidding me? Why must children fight sleep so much! Its not fair!)
Feed baby girl.
Change baby girl.
Give her a bath.
Feed again.
Attempt number 1 at putting her to sleep.
Sing, attempt to stay awake while singing to baby.
Feed again.
Walk in circles in my room while trying to get baby to sleep.
Attempt number 2 at bed time worked (fingers crossed).
Check on boys to make sure they are asleep and are ok.
Now to figure out my next step. I could clean up. Fold laundry. Clean up the kitchen. Do dishes. Figure out plan for next day. Make kids lunches for tomorrow. Catch up on e-mails. Text/call friends. Workout. Or I could sleep.
Sleep sounds good. Lets give sleep a try. Too tired to do anything. Must sleep.
Get ready for bed.
Check on the kids one more time.
Get into bed.
Lay in bed and think of all the things I could/should be doing.
Can't sleep. (Seriously!?!)
Too tired to get up. Body hurts. Head spinning. Need sleep.
Maybe if I just lay here, perfectly still I will sleep… must not move… lets count sheep…
And sleep…. sweet sleep… and….
Baby wakes up.
One boy wakes up.
And now the other one. Now all 3 kids are awake.
And cue Mom Zombie Mode.
And repeat. Night after night. After night.

Found on Google Search

~ Michelle

Friday, June 20, 2014

Drop It Like A Squat

This week has been wonderful. (cue upbeat cheesy music)
It really has been.
The sun has been shining. The birds have been singing…
Ok really, the sun has been shining, and its made for beautiful days and great walks with my family.
This week I decided enough was enough. It was time to get out of my rut. So I saw a friend post about doing a 30 Day Squat Challenge and thought I would join in!
Here is the challenge, you should totally join in the fun! (You can follow along, and join in on Twitter and even Instagram)

On top of that I've been making sure to eat healthy and setting time aside to make fruit smoothies every day. I feel so much better this week.
We also have started taking advantage of this beautiful weather and going out for family walks every night. With the walk I do to school with to pick up the kids and then the family walk, I walk about 6KM every day. This has been a great start to easing back into working out. Because on top of all this I am also doing yoga as well.
What a great week! Can't wait to take on next week - Bring it on!

Cheers to getting healthy, working out, and being happy!


Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Wordless Wednesday: Nature

Yesterday was spent going on a Nature Hike with my husband and baby girl.
It was so relaxing to get out and get a little escape from reality. Of course that was all before the storm hit.

And then the storm came

~ Michelle